Business Brilliance Bootcamp by Haylee Galloway

Business Brilliance Bootcamp

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Business Brilliance Bootcamp Master Inventory
Week 1: Making Sense of the Chaos
Take Stock of the Chaos
Weed Out Those Non-Productive Assets & Liabilities
Know What To Throw Away
Cancel Non-Productive Subscriptions
Determine If It's Worth Saving
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Week 2: Create A More Streamlined Business
Extra Hosting Accounts
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Email Service Providers
Social Media Automation
Landing Page Builders
Evaluating Your Tools
Week 3: Optimize & Leverage Existing Resources
Content Repurposing Basics
What To Do With Never-ending Projects
Sales Funnels 101
Plug Leaks In Your Funnels
Outsourcing Your Funnel
Week 4: Take Your Business to A New Level
Using Data For Content Repurposing
Maximize Your Repurposing Efforts
Add Value to Existing Products
Pricing & Positioning
Charge More By Offering More
Wrapping Up
10 Tips to Streamline Your Time & Business